Eggs & Omelettes

As with most things, quality of ingredients and care in preparation, separate the best from the rest, and we use only the nest.

All eggs and omelettes come with hash browns or tomatoes and your choice of bread. White, wheat, rye, dark rye, texas toast, bagel, bialy, english muffin, white pita or whole wheat pita (raisin toast 50¢ extra).

Let us know how you like your omelettes. Omelette style, scrambled, no brown or well done.

$11.25 Plain Omelette

$12.75 Plain Egg Whites, One Yolk or Egg Beater Omelette

$14.25 “Vegetarian”

Onions, zucchini, asparagus, pea pods, mushroom, tomato, green pepper.

$14.25 House Omelette

With feta cheese, bacon, green onions and spinach.

$13.25 Imported Feta Cheese

$14.25 “What a Ham”

Honey Baked Ham

$12.25 Say “Cheese” Omelette

Choice of american, swiss, mild cheddar or low-fat mozzarella.

$14.75 Ham & Cheese

$12.95 OLÉ

Topped with a homemade spicy sauce and your choice of cheese

$13.75 Rio Grande

With Tasty Mexican Sausage.

$14.95 Tomato, Bacon & Cheese

$14.95 Denver

$15.75 Nova Lox & Onions

$13.25 Broccoli and Cheddar

$13.25 Swiss & Onions

Any of the above Omelettes made with:

Imported extra virgin olive oil - additional . . . . .75¢ Egg white, one yolk or egg beaters - additional $1.50

Side of Salsa (Spicy)

additional $1.00

Side of Olé (mild)

Additional $1.00

$8.25 One Egg with Hash Browns

Jumbo country fresh, cooked any style.

$9.25 Two Eggs with Hash Browns

Jumbo country fresh, cooked any style.

$10.50 Two Egg Whites or Two Egg Beaters

With hash browns or tomatoes.

$9.25 “Huevos Rancheros”

Served with three flour tortillas.

$12.95 Breakfast Sandwhich

Two eggs scrambled with your choice of cheese sausage patties, on an english muffin.

$13.95 Egg White Breakfast Sandwhich

Two egg whites scrambled with low fat mozzarella, canadian bacon, on an english muffin.

$14.50 Eggs Benedict

$15.95 Nova Lox Plate

"The Works"