Simple Sandwiches

Your choice on white, wheat, rye, dark rye, bagel, bialy, white pita, whole wheat pita, or French Bread. Served with lettuce, mayo, chips and sweet pickles.

$10.75 Ham Sandwich (Honey Baked)

$10.25 Turkey Sandwich

$10.25 Roast Beef Sandwich

$11.50 Tuna Salad Sandwich

$10.25 Chicken Salad Sandwich

$10.25 Any 1/2 Sandwich + Cup of Soup

Any 1/2 Sandwich + Cup of Soup

$9.75 B.L.T

$11.75 Scoop of Tuna

$11.75 Scoop of Spicy Tuna

$10.25 Scoop Chicken Salad

$6.95 Grilled Cheese

$6.95 Peanut Butter & Jelly